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If you are planning to visit Australia and do some flying,
there are some things you need to do.

You will need to obtain visitors membership of the
Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA).

It is a legal requirement in Australia that you be a member of the HGFA.
Membership to the HGFA provides the pilot member with 3rd party liability insurance.
For the insurance to be in effect the pilot must be a current member of the HGFA
prior to flying in Australia - This applies equally to visiting pilots, so please
ensure you have organised your HGFA membership before flying
and preferably before arriving in Australia.

Visiting Pilot Membership

Visiting pilots have the option of taking out either a full HGFA membership
or Visiting Pilot Membership (VPM). The following VPMs are available:

2 months for $95.00
4 months for $115.00
6 months for $135.00

This form of membership is only renewable once in any 12 month period
from the date of the initial application.

To take out Visiting Pilot Membership click on the following link
and follow the instructions:



HGFA Office
4C / 60 Keilor Park Drive
Keilor Park, Vic 3033

Fax: + 61 3 9336 7177

Ph: + 61 3 9336 7155


Please contact a pilot in the area where you intend to fly.
This person can advise you about local airspace restrictions
and any other local anomalies or protocoles.

Please to let us know
when you're coming and where you wish to fly.
We will send you contact details of local pilots or Safety Officers.


Australia recognises and uses the FAI
International Pilot Proficiency Identification (IPPI) system and all pilots
are encouraged to obtain these Identification Cards prior to travel to Australia.
You will be asked to provide a copy of your IPPI card when you request
membership to the HGFA. Once your application for membership is received
along with your payment of membership fee, you will issued with
an HGFA member card. This card will likely be requested by Clubs,
Competition organisers, Senior Safety and Safety Officers and
Duty Pilots for any area in which flying activities are undertaken.


The use of some Radio Frequencies (VHF for example) which is not
in the UHF (CB Citizen Band) Range is only available for those
appropriately licensed in Australia for its specific use.
The Hand Held 40 channel UHF (CB) in the range (476.425 – 477.400 MHz) is
the predominantly used radio device for free flight in Australia.